NeSA & SkitLite Find Bootcamps Best Talent




Thu 6th Jul 2017 - 9:56pm SkitLite NeSA & SkitLite Find Bootcamps Best Talent

It is with great pleasure to announce that SkitLite & Nordic eSports Academy have teamed up to find the most talented team at the summer bootcamp in Vuokatti, Finland. 

Bootcamp teams that qualified for the $10,000 Pro Tournament had the option to compete in an additional tournament to win a contract with SkitLite as an Academy team. 

We are extremely excited to unveil the new Official contracted SkitLite Academy Team;

Teemu "Dolze" välimäki
Pauli "Pale" Mänty
Paavo "Pag3" Voutilainen
Jaakko "Höntsä" Mäkipelto
Jukka "vladimus" Neuvonen

Manager Niklas “lotibroS” Pehkonen

This contract includes;
QPAD QH-90 Headsets
Limited Edition Official SkitLite Academy Jerseys
A supply of ED Energy Drinks

The Nordic eSports Academy 2017 summer school has been running since the 12th June where young individuals have been involved in the eSports course. Many of these players aspire to be top professionals in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and are keen to showcase their skills and also learn from many talented lecturers that can give them a great headstart in reaching their goals.

Joona "natu" Leppanen is one of the lecturers at the summer camp that has experienced the top level of CS and provides valuable insight into eSports for the young aspiring eSports athletes. Sports psychologist Mia Stellberg who helped the world's best CS team ‘Astralis’ is also present at the summer camp to help maximize players potential through psychological coaching and enhancing cognitive function.

SkitLite wanted to get involved at this grass roots level of Counter-Strike to help identify and nurture young aspiring talents that could one day reach the world's elite in Counter-Strike.

Theo Daffurn, CEO of SkitLite had this to say;

“It is with great pleasure that we have the opportunity to support such an integral part of the Finnish eSports community and we would like to thank NeSA for making this all possible and giving players an opportunity to grow and gain experience from representing an organisation in the €10,000 NeSA Pro Tournament. In particular we would like to thank our brand new Academy Manager "Niklas Pehkonen" for his dedication to help allow these players to have an opportunity like this. It is an exciting time for everyone involved in SkitLite and we can’t wait for the games to start."

Goodluck to all teams this weeked!

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