SkitLite Release Samu ‘uli’ Leirilaakso




Mon 26th Jun 2017 - 6:17pm SkitLite SkitLite Release Samu ‘uli’ Leirilaakso

Samu 'uli' Leirilaakso has been released from the active lineup at SkitLite due to army service. Regretably Samu has to complete his compulsory army service in Finland and had personally taken a step away from competing due to this practical reason.

Samu managed to contribute hugely to the 2nd place finish at Vectorama and had a very successful first season in ESEA Premier with the squad. He will be missed due to his level head, clutch factor and consistent performances both online and offline at events.

This  season in ESEA Premier the team have lost to FlipSid3 and won against Gux & Friends and WySix using the services of ‘Tony ‘arvid’ Niemelä’ as a standin (from ENCE eSports) in both of their wins.

The team look forward to their next upcoming tournament on the 7th July at Nordic eSports Academy for a prize of $10,000 where they are looking to continue their run of form.

SkitLite's lineup for Nordic eSports Academy is:

Otto 'ottoNd' Sihvo (C)
Verneri 'BONA' Junkala
Jani 'Aerial' Jussila
Joonas 'aune' Rantala
Tony ‘arvid’ Niemelä (Stand-in from ENCE)

The team and everyone at SkitLite wish Samu well in his army service and his career future.

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