CS:GO Team Disbands




Mon 3rd Apr 2017 - 9:32pm CS:GO Team Disbands

After just 3 months the players within the SkitLite CS:GO team have split due to internal team issues & scheduling. This line-up showed some great potential after coming 4th at LanTrek and having good early results both within Finland and Internationally.

SkitLite are on good terms with each and every former player. We are keen to work with some of them in the future. Behind the scenes SkitLite works hard to ensure contingencies are in place to make the right decisions moving forward.

We are fixed on remaining firmly in Finland with strong support from the Finnish community along with our trusted sponsors ED & QPAD. There will be a number of decisions to be made in order to bring the best possible teams and players to this organisation and we look forward to a very exciting future.

Former SkitLite Roster
Jere ‘Sergej’ Salo
Elden ‘KipsiK’ Evert (C)
Jani ‘Aerial’ Jussila
Joonas ‘aune’ Rantala

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