Kipsik returns with Sergej in new CS Roster!




Fri 27th Jan 2017 - 3:40pm Kipsik returns with Sergej in new CS Roster!

It is with great pleasure to announce that we have signed the team formally known as 'Zorro'.

This team recently qualified convincingly for Assembly Winter 2017 and Lantrek and have been a team in the making for months. We welcome back Elden ‘KipsiK’ Evert who was a part of SkitLite in 2015.

SkitLite have found a team with a combination of experience and young star power by retaining the services of Jere ‘Sergej’ Salo who was by far the outstanding player of the year for SkitLite.

Elden ‘KipsiK’ Evert looked to establish a strong roster with high skill but more importantly a strong team dynamic. This was showcased in the Assembly Winter Faceit Qualifiers where they managed to beat teams such as Conquer & Findictus.

Picture from Assembly Summer 2013.
By Tuula Ylikorpi.

Theo Daffurn, Chief Operating Officer at SkitLite Said;
‘I am delighted to welcome back Elden to SkitLite. I have huge respect for him as an individual and as a leader. Jere ‘Sergej’ Salo has undoubtedly been the most consistent and skilled individual I have ever seen at such a young age. We couldn’t lose this guy and we knew we wouldn’t :) It is also a pleasure to welcome the three new guys in that I know have the ability and ambition to go very far in their careers’.

The management team at SkitLite will be attending Assembly Winter 2017 and look forward to cheering on our CS:GO & Overwatch teams in the pro tournaments!

The Official SkitLite CS:GO Roster
Jere ‘Sergej’ Salo
Elden ‘KipsiK’ Evert (C)
Jani ‘Aerial’ Jussila
Joonas ‘aune’ Rantala

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