CS:GO Team Released



Matt Wright

Thu 26th Jan 2017 - 4:59pm CS:GO Team Released

Today we are announcing the release of our CS:GO team by immediate effect from their services at SkitLite. Despite a good spell under the SkitLite brand, the team and organisation have decided to part ways. The players decided that they should all start a new journey with new teams and players. 

SkitLite signed the line up after their success at the LanTrek 2016 event where they placed 2nd. The team went on to qualify and place 3rd in the eSports SM Finnish Championships, place 3rd/4th at ASUS ROG DigieXpo and top 6 placement in the CEVO Main Season 11 League. 

ex-SkitLite CS:GO team


Theo Daffurn, COO of SkitLite had this to say;

"The management team are still on great terms with the players and will definately work with some of them in the future. It was a pleasure to have such a skilled line-up together for so long but change was needed as the motivation within the team progressively got worse. They had a few really heartbreaking moments that i believe had a huge impact on the team morale. ESWC qualifiers where they had a lead vs LGR on Train and narrowly lost after a comeback by LGR will proberbly be remembered as the turning point that hurt their progression as a team".

We would like to thank all of the players for their hard work over the last 8 months and we wish them best of luck in the future.

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