SkitLite Welcomes Paladins Team




Mon 9th Jan 2017 - 3:42pm SkitLite Welcomes Paladins Team

Today SkitLite is proud to announce its venture into a new First Person Shooter game called "Paladins" which is developed by Hi-Rez Studios, who are the creators of the MOBA SMITE. It is currently a free to play game which was released on the 16th December as an open beta on steam and has been rising in popularity and player numbers. Hi-Rez Studios are already heavily invested into Paladins as an eSport which allows for structured competitions and events.

SkitLite as an organisation has always gravitated towards First Person Shooters as it can create some of the most intense gameplay and spectator moments that everyone can enjoy.

The new team is currently a top 5 team in Europe and a top 10 team in the world and hope to solidify their place at the top by competing in the Paladins Central league (Supported by Hi-Rez), ESL cups and all Hi-Rez hosted events.

It is with great pleasure to welcome the five new SkitLite Paladins players

 Miika  "Second" Vilkko
 Mika "Makiii" Poltinoja
 Veeti "WesTo" Rönn
 Aleksi "waters" Wallenius
Tommi "sorsa" Paavola

Paladins Hi-Rez Recent $150,000 Invitational Expo

Theo Daffurn, Chief Operations Officer had this to say on the topic;
“The signing of this top level all-Finnish line-up is extremely exciting for us. We are constantly on the lookout for talented, hard working teams and individuals across all eSports titles. We look forward to working with the team and help to provide the support and direction in order to help them reach their overall goals”

Miika “Second” Vilkko shares his thoughts;
“We are very grateful to SkitLite for bringing us in. It was a surprise that we could get into the organisation because we are playing a slightly smaller eSports title. We want to prove that Paladins is really exciting and has potential to be one of the top eSports games.

At the moment we have been training hard and we will continue with a goal of attending LAN tournaments in 2017. We are currently the best Finnish team and we hope to remain there in the future of Paladins!”

We wish them the best of luck in there upcoming matches and look forward to a long and rewarding partnership!

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