Halo Team Makes Reshuffle for HCS



Matt Wright

Mon 2nd Jan 2017 - 1:03pm SkitLite Halo Team Makes Reshuffle for HCS

Following the recent announcement of the 2017 Halo World Championships season, SkitLite are pleased to reveal our new-look Scandinavian Halo line up.

The new squad will make SkitLite’s first ever appearance at a Gfinity event as they attend the Worlds Qualifier in Sunday on the 17th of February. This will be SkitLite’s first console event with a Scandinavian team since our European triumph at EGL.


HCS 2017 Branding

The London Open will house a $25,000 prize pool and if we succeed in qualification from the European Finals, we jet off to the HCS 2017 $1,000,000 finals in the USA.

The new all-Swede line up now looks as follows -

Oskar ‘Blajnd’ Persson
Lucas ‘Beetly’ Söderström
Eyobb ’Teyobb’ Tesfa
Dennis ‘Qatchy’ Bröms

Beetly gave us a quick statement regarding how he is settling into his new role at SkitLite and the plans for the future:
“As the newest edition of SkitLite Halo I’m grateful for getting the opportunity to represent SkitLite and compete against some of the best teams in EU Halo. Staying together as a team to build strong team chemistry is very important in a team based game such as Halo and that’s exactly what we are planning to do. It really feels like this roster compliments each other; Qatchy has some of the best individual shots I’ve ever seen in EU Halo, Teyobb is the mastermind of the team and Blajnd feels like a complete and very well-rounded player. We are currently practicing hard for Gfinity London, constantly working on new strategies and improving teamwork. We are all looking forward to play under the SkitLite banner!”

Lucas 'Beetly' Söderström

CEO Matt Wright also commented on the move:
"We have finally now sorted our roster going forward to the HCS 2017 Qualification series. This is the first line up we have had in nearly 2 years which hasn't had a Finnish national. However with Finnish players not showing much interest in Halo for 2017 we wanted to keep our Halo division with none other than a Scandinavian line up. The guys have been brilliant so far and I look forward to seeing what the future holds for SkitLite.Halo in 2017!"


Be sure to follow the team on Twitter to keep up to date with all that is happening in the lead up to Gfinity London.

Best of luck to the team going forward!

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