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Matt Wright

Fri 9th Sep 2016 - 7:44pm SkitLite SkitLite Ventures Back to Halo

As of today, SkitLite are pleased to reveal a new-look Halo 5 roster who will represent the organisation for the forth-coming season.

With the possibility of next years’ Halo Championship Series returning early next year and the Halo ESL Open Circuit beginning this week, SkitLite announce our first multi-national lineup in over 2 years.

The console stars are a new team put together by none other than ex-SkitLite front man, Ville ‘Mersu’ Riitakorpi who returns to SkitLite with a Finn-Swede hybrid made up of 3 members of the ex-Orbit roster - a team that also were close contenders to almost qualifying for HCS European Finals earlier this year.

Mersu is one of Europe's most experienced Halo Players

Ville reveals he stepped down from the all-Finnish Menace roster after months of motivation and play-time issues having been sold by SkitLite to Menace earlier in the year and has looked further abroad across the Gulf of Bothnia to Sweden to find the ideal line up to go into this year's’ HCS with.

Matt Wright, CEO at SkitLite statement -
“Huge pleasure to announce that we are re-entering the console scene in the form of Halo. Ville has my full trust in his ability as a captain as he has proven time and time again in his career that he is one of Europe’s best players. It was an extremely easy decision to work with him again going forward into the new season. I am really looking forward to working with the boys from the ex-Orbit line up and seeing how this team progresses to push the boundaries. Best of luck under the SkitLite banner!”

SkitLite.QPAD Halo -

 Oskar ‘Blajnd’ Persson
 Sam ‘Quicksilver’ Lam
 Ville ‘Mersu’ Riitakorpi (C)
 Eyobb ’Teyobb’ Tesfa

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