Vectorama Preview & Results




Thu 8th Jun 2017 - 5:02pm SkitLite Vectorama Preview & Results

Vectorama hosts it’s 2017 Counter Strike: Global Offensive tournament where some of the best Finnish teams will be competing for a €3,500 prize pool and an opportunity to advance to the ESM finals where a further €8,000 can be won.

The SkitLite squad will be travelling up to Oulu and will have their first game against ENCE eSports. This is never a dull affair and is going to be a crucial best of one to win for both teams.

Both Aerial & Aune will be returning players for SkitLite while captain Otto, Bona & Uli are playing their debut under SkitLite colours. The team are eager to start strong at this offline event while remaining focused on the extremely difficult task of fighting in the ESEA Premier season.

SkitLite’s new 2017 jerseys will be on show at Vectorama so make sure you get involved and cheer for our Finnish stars. We wish all teams the best of luck in the tournament and look forward to fair games!



 Group A - 7 ENCE eSports vs SkitLite 16

Group A - 16 LGR eSports vs SkitLite 11

Group A - 16 SkitLite vs Paranoia eSports 11

Semi-Final - 2 SkitLite vs SJK eSports 0 

Final - 2 LGR vs SkitLite 0

 SkitLite finish 2nd at Vectorama 2017

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