SkitLite Reveal PUBG Roster!




Wed 31st Jan 2018 - 3:09pm SkitLite SkitLite Reveal PUBG Roster!

As PUBG has grown month on month it has been impossible to ignore the esport as many large brands get involved with the space. The popularity of the game has created opportunity for the best players to compete in lucrative competitive competitions.

SkitLite has taken it's first steps into entering the space with a dedicated young squad that came 3rd in the recent XPUBG Finland Squad FPP Final, only falling behind FC Espoo & Frailty Gaming. They showed consistency through the group stage and finals that clearly displayed their skill as a team. We hope to work with these individuals and help create a positive environment to improve and grow as a collective.

On Friday they will be competing in the Global Loot League Qualifiers in their debut under the SkitLite banner.

Leevi 'FrozenOnly' Lahtinen (c)
Roope 'xRobaRobax' Haapalainen
Matias 'Finzboy' Sandelin
Jere 'b0tandy' Antikainen 
Petteri 'QuadRo3'  Katainen (Backup)

We hope that they enjoy their stay in SkitLite! #StayFocusED

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