SkitLite CS:GO Team Departs




Tue 30th Jan 2018 - 2:40pm SkitLite SkitLite CS:GO Team Departs

It is unfortunate to announce that the departure of the full line-up has been confirmed after the recent failiure in qualification for Assembly Winter & LanTrek. The team were devestated about the poor recent performances despite the difficulties in the cut throat nature of Best of One Qualifiers.

The whole squad were extremely demotivated about not attending the best tournament in Finland and made it impossible to carry on as a squad. Juho has said that he will start concentrating on education this year while Mika mentioned that army service is on the horizon. Olli, Samu and pheini are all still actively playing but teams are not set in stone.

The squad started off their short spell at SkitLite Qualifying for both Connection LAN & Insomnia. The connection LAN went as expected finishing in the 3rd-4th placement which was very respectable.

Insomnia was a different story as they were upset and had a very poor event individually and as a collective team where they placed 5th-6th which was a huge underperformance from the team that was expecting another top 3 result.

The team then went on to do very well in the international Online OneBlade Cup where they finished in a admirable 5th place. They continued this momentum going on a 15 Win streak in ESEA Open to get promoted to the Main Division.

It was a short stint at SkitLite but the core of this team was very strong for many competitions and the small amounts of inconsistency came from the young inexperienced nature of the players. The lack of motivation played a part in the decline of the team and does seem to be a common driving factor in the deep dark winters in Finland where players lose their focus of overall goals and the bigger picture.

Olli 'sLowi' Pitkänen
Samu 'Samppa' Kylmälä
Mika 'MISKA' Raitila
Daniel 'pheini' Nyholm
Juho 'Tunkkis' Hänninen

We want to thank all of the SkitLite CS:GO players for representing our brand at mutiple tournaments both online and offline. It was a short period of time but it was a great learning experience for all involved.

We can't wait to move forward and rebuild our roster that can match the overall goals and objectives at SkitLite.

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