SkitLite Academy Cup Winners Comanche




Tue 7th Nov 2017 - 1:32pm SkitLite SkitLite Academy Cup Winners Comanche

The recent SkitLite Academy Cup winners Comanche haven proven their worth and shown some insane skill. The squad are newly formed and have been looking for a stable organisation that can support them in their rise to the top. The team is made up of an array of talent from multiple countries including Russia, Latvia and Belarus.

They have already shown great signs with the squad doing extremly well in practice. While practice may mean very little in comparison to officials the squad have been able to win practice vs teams like Havu & Kinguin

Their convincing wins in the tournament has shown that they are a force (16-13, 16-2 & 16-10). The MVP of the tournament being Robert 'R0b3n' Chigauskis!

Kirill "vvalter" Varphalameev
Robert 'R0b3n' Chigauskis
Timofey "interz" Yakushin
Artem "RAiLWAY" Gradovich
Kirill "Gospadarov" Gospadarov

Manager Gennady "Ysatyx" Raschetin

The squad are in need of an organisation that is able to do more than our academy scheme has to offer. The team are happy to represent the SkitLite Academy until they feel they have a better opportunity.

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