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Matt Wright

Sun 8th Jan 2017 - 4:21pm SkitLite Player Spotlight Teyobb and Beetly

Eyobb ’Teyobb’ Tesfa and Lucas ‘Beetly’ Söderström feature in todays' player spotlight having recently joined SkitLite for Halo 5: Guardians. Teyobb is the team captain and with the most experience in the team, is an essential part to their winning formula. Beetly sees himself as an all-round player with good communication skills, perfect for fast-paced team games.

Welcome to SkitLite guys; as a brief introduction, what are your roles in this team? 

Teyobb: Im the shot caller and vocal leader in this team, both in-game and outside of the game. Since I’m the one in the team with most experience and LANs under my belt I was pretty much given that role naturally by time. I personally feel like I’m a really good leader and that I’m doing a good job at it. Shot calling comes with a lot of pressure and in this team, every single player respects my calls and it is fantastic for our game.

Beetly: In Halo it’s important that any player in the team can fill any role, mainly because it is such a fast paced game. Obviously some players are going to be better at slaying and some have a strong objective mind. I always try to fill in where needed and I’m definitely a strong communicator.

What are your teams' goals in 2017?

Teyobb: As of now we’re only focusing on Gfinity, and our goal for that tournament is to place top 8, which I think we have a really good chance at doing if we just work on our consistency which is questioned at times. After Gfinity we will definitely to try and get into Pro league.

Beetly: Our main goal is of course to advance to the Sunday legendary bracket at Gfinity London and be able to compete against the top teams in Pro League. In the future with the next Open Circuit season coming up after HWC I’m positive we have a big shot of advancing to the Open Circuit Finals and maybe even compete for the Pro League spots, we will just have to wait and see!

What is the atmosphere like in the team currently?

Teyobb: Joining SkitLite has given us extra motivation to succeed in our goals and with that, the atmosphere is really good right now. Like every team, we have our imperfections. After a long day working we can really test eachother when trying to improve but that is what makes us great.

Beetly: The team atmosphere is good. We always try to stay positive and work on the things that we need to improve. I always try to keep myself focused on the game and communication instead of letting my emotions get to me, after all the game is not over until the fat lady sings!

What makes your team different to the rest?

Teyobb: I feel that we connect well in and out of game, we have balance and the structure within our team to dismantle the opposition. We also have the personalities within the team to (when criticism is needed) take it constructively and improve again and again.

Beetly: While other teams in EU scene are still struggling to find the missing piece to their puzzle, we all feel we have the perfect mix of players and have a big chance to take down some of the top teams.

What other video games do you play?

Teyobb: I play Fifa from time to time just to keep my game up. I have a tradition with my childhood friends since 2008 that we have a FIFA tournament every 6 months at my mates house. This is tournament is a big thing for us. It’s actually quite intense, there’s so much testosterone flying about and people don’t want to ruin their street-cred.

Beetly: None really, I live and breathe Halo! Playing competitively gives me little time for casual gaming, I remember before Halo 5: Guardians I used to play FIFA and other FPS games from time to time.

Who is the funniest player in the team and why?

Teyobb: I want say myself but I don’t think the team appreciate me as much as I appreciate me, so I reluctantly have to give it to Oskar/Blajnd, he’s always in a good mood in some kind of way. I don’t understand how he does it. He can have a bad night of sleeping, be at work for 9 hours, then off driving his sister somewhere for an hour, skip dinner so we can get more Halo in and after all that he can still manage to be a decent human being. Weirdo..

Beetly: Oskar aka “Blajnd” for sure, a good laugh is always important for keeping up the team spirit and we definitely share the same sense of humor.

Thanks for Eyobb ’Teyobb’ Tesfa and Lucas ‘Beetly’ Söderström for the interview. We look forward to seeing the team develop and compete at Gfinity next month!

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