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Mon 12th Dec 2016 - 1:31pm SkitLite Player Spotlight Talisman

Veikka ‘Talisman’ Laine is todays player spotlight as he recently lead the Overwatch team to the MCS: Masters tournament win! He is the in game leader and has recently been going the extra mile in the team checking oppositions VOD's and analysing strategies. With all of this said he remains as one of the most valuble players in game also! We had a quick interview to get his thoughts.

Congratulations on your recent AOC MCS: Masters Victory! How did the team prepare for the tournament in order to be so dominant?

We went in with the idea to never underestimate each team, no matter how they look in VOD’s or rankings. In the playoffs we researched the teams we were against to make sure we left nothing to chance.

What is your role in the team?

My role is main DPS, usually sticking to hitscan heroes. I'm also the in-game leader of the team.

How has the team developed since joining in June?

The team has progressed a ton when it comes to having a professional mind set. The team have made great strides in individual skill in-game also. Obviously the whole competitive scene of Overwatch has grown since the beta, but we've always remained in the top 30 teams in EU, sometimes peaking at top 16.

What are your overall goals going into 2017?

We're looking to prove that we can get to the level of top tier two teams such as Mouz and LDLC to start with. Then we look to stabilize our position in the rankings and improve on our consistency. We also hope to attend non-byoc LANs in 2017 as many more Overwatch tournaments are expected.

What previous games did you play prior to Overwatch?

My first truly competitive game was Team Fortress 2, where I discovered my natural position was main calling and leading. I can't remember a team where I didn't end up being the leader in TF2. After I made the decision to leave TF2 I started playing Company of Heroes 2, around the time its viewership and prize money peaked. I started as an underdog in ESL, where i started to win against regular top level players until I became one of the best. The games success as an esport was short lived though, but the timing was perfect with Overwatch being released a month after.

And finally, who is the most toxic player in the Overwatch team :D?

I'd say Kryma is the most toxic, but in a fun way. He makes fun of our worst times in his own way, giving the team something to laugh at and move on from slumps.

Thanks to Veikka ‘Talisman’ Laine for the quick interview and we look forward to seeing the team competing in their upcoming online tournaments as well as Assembly Winter!

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