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Sat 3rd Dec 2016 - 2:51pm SkitLite Player Spotlight Sergej

At just 14, Sergej has a KDR of 1.30 after 35 official matches on CEVO & HLTV. This young man has been the star player in recent months for SkitLite CS:GO and has had consistenly good performances both online and offline at his first event with SkitLite at ASUS ROG. Over the last 30 days Sergej also had an impressive 1.80 KDR with 105.47 ADR on CEVO Main Official Matches. 

We caught up with him to ask a few quick player spotlight questions.

How have you settled in to SkitLite and what is your main role in the team?

I have settled very well into SkitLite. My role is a rifler and I'm also a secondary awper.

How has the pressure been competing at the top of the Finnish scene at such a young age?

I've never had any pressure playing against anyone. I am a player just like anybody else competing, no matter the age.

Who is your favorite top professional player in CS:GO?

I have never thought of a favorite player, but my favorite team is FaZe as i like all of the players in there.

In upcoming CEVO matches how do you think the team will do against Dark Passage, Outlaws & BPro?

We are pretty confident going to those matches. We should be winning against each opponent if we play our own game.

What else is planned for SkitLite in terms of upcoming leagues and tournaments?

We are trying to join every reasonable upcoming tournament and qualifier. We are probably attending ESEA and Cevo leagues next season.

Where do you hope to be in the next five years?

Ofcourse i would love to be competing in the pro scene within five years. At the moment my aspiration is to have a long career (if possible) in CS:GO and currently this is my sole focus.

Thanks to Sergej for answering the player spotlight questions & we wish the team the best of luck in their remaining games in the CEVO Main Division and hope for a podium finnish!

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