SkitLite Make Top 8 At Gfinity HCS London!




Tue 19th Sep 2017 - 1:26pm SkitLite SkitLite Make Top 8 At Gfinity HCS London!

The Halo squad made the long trip from Sweden to compete in the $25,000 LAN tournament in London and performed well over the course of the weekend.

The players were able to visit the SkitLite offices and get their final practice in before the Friday where they had two tough games.

The squad started slowly on LAN as they dropped their first map to Barrage. The Barrage squad were very experienced and made the games difficult. The SkitLite team seemed to get better game by game as they managed to come from behind to win 3-1 overall. The players were relieved after having such a difficult first game and were pleased to start with a win.

Beetly vs Underworld

In the second game of the winners bracket the team were confident ahead of playing the team 'Underworld'. This game was on mainstage and the players made sure to put on a show and closed the series out with ease including a 100-0 Stronghold performance and getting a very fast 3-0.

On Saturday we advanced to Winners Bracket round 3 and we faced the pro team 'exceL'. The squad once again started very slowly and the other team capitalised on this and dominated the game winning 3-0 against us. We then dropped to the Losers Bracket Round 4 and the squad were still motivated and eager to prove they could become one of the top 8 teams in Europe.

The team were up against 'Revolt Gaming' playing for a top 8 finish. Each map was extremely tight but it seemed the experience counted on our end as we had some very strong comebacks on CTF and Slayer to win the game 3-0 and secured a 7th/8th final placement.

Unfortunately the squad had to face a strong team named 'Endpoint' who had veterans of the Halo scene in the team. This was not only going to be a tough matchup but the winning momentum had all but gone after the 2 and a half hour break due to the bomb scare at the Venue. The squad seemed drained of their energy and they did not seem to be able to shake that off in the first two maps. SkitLite finally started to show some fight in the third map being 2-0 up on CTF but didn't manage to close out the game. We were defeated 3-0 after a close final map and meant the squad finished within the top 8.

This was a great improvement on last year and there is still a lot to come from this very exciting team as they look to compete in the last chance qualifier to Denver. The teams that the squad lost to were highly skilled professionals and the players showed signs that we can continue to improve to reach that level.

SkitLite @ Stamford Bridge

Thank you to everyone who followed SkitLite at the event, the people behind Gfinity and most importantly the SkitLite players who were extremely professional and awesome individuals that deserve to find success with their continued hard work.

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