“To attract expert individuals and teams in world famous eSports games and providing a sustainable infrastructure for growth, exposure and improvement to perform at the highest level in eSports.”


Founded in 2009 by Matthew Wright, SkitLite has grown from supporting a single Call of Duty team into a global multi-gaming organisation. SkitLite offers a strong foundation for teams to improve and fulfil the potential of individuals both in skill and as public figures, role models and entertainers. SkitLite enables players to focus on playing while the management team do their best to take care of the 'boring stuff'. 

The support SkitLite and it's sponsors provides cannot be matched with the intricate attention to detail that the management provide. SkitLite offer the benefits of an advertising agency with a mix of organisational and management emphasis aimed to reduce the workload and stress for every player so that each individual can perform at their peak in high-level competition and reach their goals to succeed.


SkitLite’s vision is to be a pioneer of eSports by connecting large brands & businesses to eSports while maintaining the autheticity of eSports.


SkitLite’s management are a team of highly passionate individuals with a range of qualifications which have helped to reach a greater standard of expertise, knowledge and judgement within the eSports scene. Each member of the management team brings unique experience both inside eSports and elsewhere. With a range of degree courses such as Sports Science, Business Studies, Graphic Design, Marketing, Photography and English, we believe that with our expertise, there is a true brand identity that can be placed on the global eSports stage.


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